Index of Keywords


Preparation and Characterization of New Lanthanide materials: Layered Double Hydroxide Intercalated by Luminescent Polyoxometalate Anions with Dawson-like [Eu(H2O)3(a2-P2W17O61]7- and Keggin-like [Eu2(H2O)2(PW11O39)]4-

Laplace law

Modeling microdrop motion between covered and open regions of EWOD microsystems

large area

Synthesis of uniform ZnO nanowire arrays over a large area

Large Area Replication of AAO Nanostructure Using a Solvent Exchange Method and UV-curable Polymers

large area imprint

New Method for large Area NIL - SCIL

large Au-Au distances

Effect of impurities in the breaking of Gold nanowires

large deflection

Large-Deflection Beam Model for Schematic-Based Behavioral Simulation in NODAS

Linear Analysis of Large Deflection of Heated and Clamped Isotropic Layered Plate Under Initial Tension

Sensitivity of Initially Stressed Un-symmetric Micro-Layered Plate in Large Deflection due to Lateral Load

large displacements

Reduced-order modelling of the Reynolds equation for flexible structures

large heating system

Utilization the heat accumulator in large heating system

large particles

Cell and Particle Concentration on the Chip

large rotary machine

Study on Application of Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesters for Powering of Wireless Sensor Nodes in Large Rotary Machine Diagnostic Systems

Large scale

Carbon nanotubes transistors based Selective Gas sensors : from laboratory to mass production

large scale production

The Pulsation Reactor Process - Large Scale Production of Nano-Sized Metal Oxide Powders in a Single Step

large scale simulation

Large Scale Simulation of the Nano-Scale High-Temperature-Superconductor Device for the Generating of Continuous Terahertz Waves


PVDF based polymer nanocomposite coatings for large area applications

large-displacement model

Compact Large-Displacement Model for Capacitive Accelerometer

large-scale circuit

Relaxation-based Circuit Simulation for Large-scale Circuits with Lossy Transmission Lines

large-scale parallel molecular dynamics

Smectic structure of Nano Crystalline Cellulose Established by Large-Scale Parallel Molecular Dynamic Simulations