Index of Keywords

invivo toxicity

In Vivo Toxicity Study of Gold Composite Nanodevices for use in Imaging and Radiotherapy

iodine pentoxide

Development of nanoenergetic materials based on Al/I2O5 system

Nanoenergetic composite based on I2O5/Al for biological agent defeat

Ion Beam

An Introduction to Helium Ion Microscopy and its Nanotechnology Applications

Ion beam

Femtosecond laser micromachining of IC for semiconductor defect analysis

ion beam

Direct nanoscale 3D characterisation of Ge-Sb-Te and Ge-Te phase change films

Nanoscale SPM Characterisation of Nacre Argonite Plates and Synthetic Human Amyloid Fibres

ion beam analysis

Physical properties of multilayer thin films of Ti-V and their hydrides studied by ion beam analysis methods

ion beam lithography

Fabricating Nanoscale Features Using the 2-Step NERIME TSI Nanolithography Process

ion beam micromachining

Novel Ion Beam Tools for Nanofabrication

ion beam processing

FIB generated antimony nanowires as chemical sensors

Ion Binding

Structure Induced Ion Recognition of Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold

ion bombardment

Molecular dynamics study of ballistic rearrangement of surface atoms during high energy ion bombardment on Pd (001) surface

ion channel

Ion Channel Based Biosensors: Ionic transport in carbon nanotubes

Brownian Dynamics Based Particle Mesh Simulation of Ionic Soulutions and Channels

Hybrid MD-PNP Simulations of the Alpha-Hemolysin Open Ion Currents

Application of Grid Focusing Methodology to Transport Monte Carlo Model for Ion Channel Simulations

A Multi-scale, Integrative Model of Cellular Electrophysiological Response Incorporating Intra/Extra-cellular Transport & Dynamics

Ion Channel Simulations by the TR-PNP Model and the Excess Chemical Potential Approach

Assessment of the dielectric properties of drug sensitive and resistant leukaemic cells before and after ion channel blockers using dielectrophoresis