Index of Keywords

interferometric techniques

A Multi-Purpose Optical MEMS Sensor for Harsh Environments


IMAP: Interferometry for Material Property Measurement in MEMS

Dynamical Properties of Supported Membrane Junctions

Characterisation of thin film piezoelectric materials by differential interferometric techniques

Development of a metrological scanning probe microscope as a primary standard for nanoscale dimensional measurement

interlocked molecules

Biomimetic Molecules as Building Blocks for Synthetic Muscles - A Proposal

intermediary layer

Experimental study of sensitivity enhancement in SPR biosensors by use of zinc oxide intermediary layers


In Situ Quick XAFS Study on the Formation Mechanism of Cu Nanoparticles Synthesized in Aqueous Phase

intermediate band

Enhancement of GaAs solar cell efficiency by type-II GaSb quantum dots located outside of the depletion region

intermediate frequency MEMS

Modeling, Fabrication and Experiment of a Novel Lateral MEMS IF/RF Filter

intermediate temperature

Observation of Early to Full Covering Stages of Ethylene-based CVD of Graphene


Room Temperature Growth of Single Intermetallic Nanostructures on Nanoprobes


Pre-Distortion Assessment of Workfunction Engineered Multilayer Dielectric Design of DMG ISE SON MOSFET

intermodulation distortion

Simulating IMD in SiGe HBTs: How good are our models?

intermolecular charge transfer

Optical chemical sensors on the base of arrays of ink-jet printed micro- and nanoparticles

intermolecular interactions

Theoretical Investigations of Intermolecular Interactions Involving Pi-Systems and Their Utility in the Design of Novel Functional Nanomaterials

internal characterization techniques

Validation and Calibration of Electrothermal Device Models Using Infrared Laser Probing Techniques

internal combustion engine

Expermental Study of Hydrogen in Internal Combustion Engines

Cleaning the Engine Exhaust without Precious Metal Catalysts

internal energy

Electron Vorticity - Internal Energy Formulation of the Hydrodynamic Model of Electron Transport