Index of Keywords

interfacial instabilities

Interfacial Instabilities in Multilayer Extrusion

interfacial interaction

Evaluation of the Degree of Exfoliation in Poly(epsilon-caprolactone) Nanocomposites Using by the Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

interfacial layer

Modeling study of capacitance and gate current in strained High--K Metal gate technology: impact of Si/SiO2/HK interfacial layer and band structure model

interfacial nanobubbles

Gaseous Nanobubbles - Surface Nanopatterning Elements

interfacial properties

Processing and Characterization of Epon 862 reinforced with functionalized MWCNT’s

Characterisation of Graphene in Liquid and Gaseous Environment with Quartz Crystal Microbalance for Applications in Real-Life Energy Storage Devices

interfacial reliability

A Multiscale Modeling Approach for Microelectronic Packaging Applications

interfacial rheology

Study of synergistic interactions between SiO2 nanoparticles and CTAB in the presence of NaCl: relationships with the formation and stabilization of hexadecane-in-water emulsions

interfacial tension

The Retention of Silica Nanoparticles at Oil/Water Interface

Surfactants Nanocarriers to Enhanced oil Recovery (EOR)

interfacial water structure

Analysis of Interfacial Water Structure close to Mixed Langmuir Monolayers by Sum-Frequency Spectroscopy

interferance microscopy

Integrated Optical Profiler and AFM: a 3D Metrology System for Nanotechnology


Optical Surface Diffraction and Improved Lateral Resolution

An amperometric on-chip glucose biosensor based on enzyme entrapment with pre-reaction to lower interference in a flow injection system

interference microscope

Measurement of nanometric deformation of thin membranes under controlled mechanical loads


The Method of Instant Amplification of the MCG&MEG Signals


A Miniature Laser Interferometer for Noninvasive Viscometry

Nano-Lithography in Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) for Real World Applications

Nanomanipulators with reduced hysteresis and interferometers build in NanoFabs

interferometric detection

SiCN nanomechanical resonators for array-based biosensor applications