Index of Keywords

intercrystalline fracture

Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Diffusion and Creep Flow on Cavity Growth at the Nano-scale Level

interdie variability

Process Variability Modeling for VLSI Circuit Simulation


Modeling of Germanium/Silicon Interdiffusion in Silicon/Silicon Germanium/Silicon Single Quantum Well Structures


Modeling Germanium-Silicon Interdiffusion in Silicon Germanium/Silicon Super Lattice Structures


Fabrication of interdigitated nanogap devices for biomolecular detection

On the investigation of an interdigitated, high capacitance ratio shunt RF-MEMS switch for X- band applications

interdigitated electrode sensor

Functionalized Carbon Nanotube–Based Sensors for Detecting a Trace Quantity of 2,4-Dinitrotoluene Explosive Vapors, with Selectivity

interdisciplinary research

Leveraging the Nation’s Nanotechnology Research Centers: True interdisciplinary buildings foster a seamless transition from lab bench to consumer

Interdisciplinary Search

Nanotechnology Patent Mapping


FELLINI-A CAD Tool for the Design of Microsystems


Strength of Nanoscale Copper Connection Under Shear

Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Structure and Strength of Si/Al Interface

Ab Initio Simulation on Deposit Process of Al on Si Surface

Macromodel of Intelligent Sensor Structure with Accelometer

Mechanical Parameter Extraction of Thin-Film Coated Materials

Multiscale Treatment of Thin-Film Lubrication

Construction of High-performance Biosensor Interface through Solvent Controlled Self-assembly of PEG grafted Polymer

Modelling the Stress Transfer in CNT Composite using Finite Element Method

Understanding and utilizing molecular constraints in nanoscale material designs

The bijel: a bicontinuous interfacially jammed emulsion gel