Index of Keywords

integrated circuit design

Analog Design Tool based on the ACM model

integrated circuit manufacturing

A Simple VLSI Spherical Particle-Induced Yield Predictor

integrated circuits

Micropower Wireless Sensors

The Center for Accelerated Applications at the Nanoscale

Monolithic Concept and the Inventions of Integrated Circuits by Kilby and Noyce

integrated design environment

Towards an Integrated Environment for Modeling and Simulating an Electro-Optic Measurement Microsystem

integrated fluidic microvalves

A Novel Pneumatically Driven SU-8 Microvalve for High Speed Gas Chromatographic Applications

Integrated magnetic field sensor

Optimization of Integrated Magnetic Field Sensors

integrated MEMS

Challenges in CMOS-MEMS Extraction

integrated nanobio systems device design pharmacokinetics

Multiscale (Nano-to-Micro) Design of Integrated Nanobio Systems

Integrated NMR sensor

Modelling an NMR Probe for Magnetometry

integrated optics

Large Scale FDTD Simulation for Microoptics and Metamaterial Investigations - Current Possibilities and Verification Benchmarks

Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Inverse Adiabatic Fiber-To-Chip Couplers

integrated optics devices

Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering by 2D Photonic Crystals: Enhancement and Reproducibility

integrated photonics

Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Inverse Adiabatic Fiber-To-Chip Couplers

Mid-infrared Silicon Platform for Chip-scale Chemical Sensors

integrated process design

T-CAD Environment for Multi-Material-MEMS Design

integrated proteomics

Microfluidic System For High-Throughput Proteomics

integrated quantum optics

Mid-IR integrated nanophotonics for chip-scale quantum optics applications

integrated sensors

An Improved BDJ Photodetector Physical Model Implemented Under SPICE