Index of Keywords


Invention of Polysaccharide-base Nanoparticles for Enhancing Drug Permeability across the Blood Brain Barrier

Chitosan as mucoadhesive agent to enhance absorption of therapeutic proteins encapsulated into solid lipid nanoparticles

Portable FRET Sensing of Proteins, Hormones, and Toxins Using DNA Aptamers and Quantum Dots

insulin delivery

New carrier for protein and drug delivery based on injectable Poly(ethylene glycol)-Poly(?- caprolactone)-Poly(?-amino ester) (PAE-PCL-PEG-PCL-PAE) pH/temperature hydrogel


Potential Insurance Coverage Issues Arising from Nanotechnology: Big Risks Could Come in Small Packages


Managing Your Environmental, Health & Safety Risk: A Guide for Nano Companies and their Insurers


Process Simulation for Contact Print Microlithography

integer linear programming

Reconfigurable Microfluidic System Architecture Based on Two-Dimensional Electrowetting Arrays

integral equation

A Design Tool for Inductive Position and Speed Sensors via a Fast Integral Equation Based Method

Fast Fluid Analysis for Multibody Micromachined Devices

Transient Analysis of Cooling of Biological Tissues Using Semi-Infinite Approximation

A Nyström-Like Approach to Integral Equations with Singular Kernels

Integral Equations

Fast Algorithms For 3-D Simulation

integral methods

Simulation Based Design of O2 MEMS Sensor


Micro/Nano Patterned Integrated Electrochemical Sensors for Implantable Applications

Nanofabrication Techniques for Fully Integrated Sensing Platforms

integrated actuation and read-out

Electrical equivalent circuit for air and liquid characterization of a multilayer micromembrane with piezoelectric actuation and read-out capabilities

integrated cell

Magnetic Devices for Ultra High Throughput Biological Analysis

integrated chip

Research in a Novel Integrated Chip of Safe and Initiation Control

integrated circuit

Simulation of Constant-Charge Biasing Integrated Circuit for High Reliability Capacitive RF MEMS Switch