Index of Keywords

impedance spectroscopy

Impedance and Dielectric Spectroscopy of Nanoparticulate Films and Composites

Impedance spectroscopy

Investigations on Transmembrane Ion Channels Suspended over Porous Silicon Membranes

impedance studies

Voltammetric and Impedance studies of Phenols and Its Derivatives at Carbon Nanotubes/Prussian Blue Films Platinum Modified Electrode

impedence field

Effects of Scaling on Modeling of Analog RF MOS Devices


Fabrication of impedimetric sensors for label-free Point-of-Care immunoassay cardiac marker systems, with microfluidic blood flow delivery, and results telemetry to PDA


Analytic 3D Greens Function Approach to Scattering and Diffraction from Patterned and/or Imperfect Multilayers


FEA Simulation of Thin Film Coils to Power Wireless Neural Interfaces

A Novel Near Infra-Red Fluorescent Probes to Repair Metal Artifact After Implantation


Devices for Nanoparticle-based Cancer Detection

Micro/Nano Patterned Integrated Electrochemical Sensors for Implantable Applications

Nano-Power Implantable Autonomous Closed-Loop CMOS Nerve-Growth-Factor Delivery Microsystem for Neurological Disorders Personalized Therapy

implantable bio-chip

An implantable Drug Delivery Device based on MEMS

implantable biosystems

Wireless Integrated MicroSystems (WIMS): Coming Revolution in the Gathering of Information

implantable sensor

Towards Wireless Implantable Pressure Sensor to Monitor Compartment Syndrome in Trauma Victims


Modeling and Simulation of Non-Linear Damage Growth During Ion Implants in Silicon

Systematic Global Calibration of a Process Simulator

Process for Extremely Thin Silicon-on-Insulator Wafer


Reconstruction of Load-Bearing Defects in Oncology by Using Nanomodification of Implants

Effect of Microtopography and Cell Concentration on T Lymphoid Cell Migration during in vitro Extravasation Process

Multicomponent Coatings Improve the Biocompatibility of Load-bearing Implants