Index of Keywords

ionic diffusion

Ionic Diffusion Through Protein Channels: From molecular description to continuum equations

ionic liquid

Preparation of nitrogen-doped mesoporous TiO2 with a room-temperature ionic liquid

Novel Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Stabilization of mono- and bimetallic nanoparticles in ionic liquids

Hybrid Materials made up of Ionic Liquids Confined in Porous Silica and Chalcogenide

ionic liquids

Ionic Liquids - Novel Tenside like Materials for size controlled Preparation of Nanoparticles and safe-to-handle Nanoparticle Dispersions

3D Molecular Theory of Solvation for Nanochemistry in Solution

The Separation of Hydrocarbons from Sand Using Ionic Liquids

Ionic Liquids as Heat Transfer Medium

Ionic Liquids as Sorption Cooling Media

Ionic Liquids as Novel Dispersing Agents for Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Stabilization of Nanomaterials - Safe-to-Handle Dispersions

Novel Electrolytes for Supercapacitors

Ionic Liquids as Heat Transfer Medium

Ionic Liquids for CO2 capture

ionic molecular solids

Computer Molecular Dynamics and Phase Transition in Alkali Azides and Thiocyanates

ionic polymer

Micro Actuator Array based on Ionic Polymer with Patterned Self-Assembled Au Electrode

ionic reservoirs

Proton Uptake by Dormant Bacterial Spores

ionic selectivity

Mechanisms of Selectivity in Biological Ion Channels


Analysis of Sample Transport in Capillary Electrophoresis Microchip Using Full-Scale Numerical Analysis

Influence of metallic, ceramic, and plastic MALDI surface materials on the ionization efficiency and quality of mass spectrometric data