Index of Keywords


Photocatalytic activity of mesoporous titanium dioxide nanoparticles under visible light irradiation

Properties of nonpremixed ammonia-substituted hydrogen-air flames

BioGenerator – a Novel Bio-Technology for the Conversion of Hydrogen to Electricity

Physical properties of multilayer thin films of Ti-V and their hydrides studied by ion beam analysis methods

Ammonia Decomposition on Carbon Supported Cobalt Catalyst

Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Palladium Nanostructured Ensemble Supported in Anodized Alumina Membranes for Hydrogen Sensing Applications

A hierarchical carbon nanofiber-In2S3 photocatalyst with well controlled nanostructures for highly efficient hydrogen production under visible light

Synthesis of Visible light Nanocomposites for H2 Production

Hydrogen Generation from Thermochemical Water-Splitting Using Core Shell Ni-Ferrite/Y2O3 Nanoparticles

hydrogen absorption

Behaviour of mesoporous silica (MCM-41) supported catalysts in degradation reactions

hydrogen bombardment

Octadecylphosphonic acid Langmuir-Blodgett films and their modification by hyperthermal hydrogen projectile

hydrogen bond force

DNA Mechanical Properties: Formulation and comparison with experiments

hydrogen bonding

Dissolution of Hydrogen Bonded Polymers in Water: From Synthetic to Biopolymers

Denaturation of hen egg white lysozyme in electromagnetic fields: a molecular dynamics study

hydrogen bonds

Computer Program Simulation of Protein Structure I

hydrogen capture

Microbial fuel cell

hydrogen diffusion

First-Principles Molecular-Dynamics Simulations of a Hydrous Silica Melt: Hydrogen Diffusion Mechanisms and Electronic Properties

Hydrogen permeation in pipeline steels

hydrogen evolution reaction

Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of sponge-like nickel nanoparticles

hydrogen generation

Thermo Catalytic decomposition of methane on Ni/SiO2 catalyst into pure hydrogen and carbon nanotubes