Index of Keywords

hydrodynamic slip

Secondary Microflows in Electrokinetic Transport with Hydrodynamic Slippage Effect

hydrodynamic transport model

The Failure of the Hydrodynamic Transport Model for Simulation of Partially Depleted SOI MOSFETs and its Revision


Characterization of DNA Flow through Microchannels

Substrate Current Simulations at Elevated Temperatures


Design and Fabrication of Hydroelectric Fuel Cell System for Household Power Application


Smart Bandage - A Hydrogel Supported Optical Microcavity Sensor

Enzymatically Degradable Hydrogel Nanocomposite for Bone Regeneration

Morphology Studies And Potential Applications Of Poly(N,N-Dimethylacrylamide)-l-Polyisobutylene Amphiphilic Polymer Conetworks

Synthesis of Biocompatible Nanocomposite hydrogels as a Local Drug Delivery System

Novel organic-inorganic nanohybrids based on poly(N,N-dimethyl acrylamide)-l-polyisobutylene amphiphilic polymer conetworks

Polymer Network on Optical Fiber Core

The effect of Simvastatin Acid Loaded Photocurable Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel for Bone Regeneration In vitro and In vivo

Functional polymer hydrogels for water purification applications

Preparation and Characterization of Antibacterial TiO2/Poly[acrylamide-co-(acrylic acid)] Composite Hydrogel

Functionalized Self-Assembling Peptides for Immediate Hemostasis and Accelerative Liver Tissue Regeneration

Hydrogel-based multi-stimuli responsive cilia

Magnetization of hydrogel particles: a novel urine tuberculosis antigen test

Carbon nanotubes-metal nanoparticle heterostructures embedded within stimuli-responsive hydrogel for controlled delivery applications

Evaluation of F127 / chitosan hydrogel as a scaffold for bone repair

hydrogel lithography

Multifunctional Micropatterned Nanofiber Capable of Cell Patterning, Metabolite Detection, and Growth Factor Delivery