Index of Keywords

hybrid membrane

Electrochemical activities of hybrid nanocomposite membrane

hybrid nanocomposites

Nanohybrid silica/polymer subcritical aerogels

hybrid nanocontact printing(HnCP)

Sub-100nm and Large Area Pattern Process using by Hybrid Nanocontact Printing (HnCP)

hybrid nanoparticles

In Vitro Delivery of Docetaxel to Cancer Cells by Hybrid PLGA@Organosilica Nanoparticles with Redox-Sensitive Molecular Gates

hybrid nanostructures

Engineering hybrid nanostructures with phage particles

hybrid optimization technique

A Simulation-Based Hybrid Optimization Technique for Low Noise Amplifier Integrated Circuit Design Automation

hybrid PV-wind energy system

Development of the LabVIEW Monitoring System for the Hybrid PV-Wind Energy System

hybrid simulation

New Pair Force Evaluation Method for Parallel Molecular Dynamics in Arbitrary Geometries

hybrid stepper motor

Microsteping Control of Hybrid Stepper Motor Using Fuzzy Logic for Robotics Application

hybrid structure

Fabrication of ZnO hybrid structures and light emitting diode applications

hybrid strutures

Design and Development of Nano-reinforced Bonds and Interfaces

hybrid supercapacitor

Novel High Energy Density Supercapacitors

hybrid system

Synthesis of Novel Functionalized-Graphene/Quantum Dots Hybrid System for Solar Cells Application

hybrid vehicle

Nano-Engineered Dielectrics for Energy Storage Solutions


A method for the highly parallel analysis of gene expression of single cells


Enhancement of DNA Microarray Hybridization using Shear-Driven Microfluidics

Hybridization of CMOS with CNT-based Complementary Nano Electro-Mechanical Switch for Low-Leakage and Robust Embedded Memory Design

Carbon Nanotube Interfaces for Single Molecular Level Bio Sensing

Quantum dot (Qdot) labeling of gene expression analysis and single molecule imaging in neurons

Mathematical modeling and computer simulation of Brownian motion and hybridization of nanoparticle-bioprobe-polymer complexes in the low concentration limit