Index of Keywords

horse manure

Biogas Production from Co-Digestion of Horse Manure and Waste Sewage Sluge

hot carrer

Hot-Carrier-Induced Current Degradation in Deep Sub-Micron MOSFETs from Subthreshold to Strong Inversion Region

hot carrier effect

Analytical Drain Current Model for Damaged Gate All Around (GAA) MOSFET Including Quantum and Velocity Overshoot Effects

hot carrier effects

A New Analytical Model of Channel Hot Electron (CHE) and CHannel Initiated Secondary ELectron (CHISEL) Current Suitable for Compact Modeling

Impact of Non-Uniformly Doped and Multilayered Asymmetric Gate Stack Design on Device Characteristics of Surrounding Gate MOSFETs

hot domestic water

SolarSlim: the thinnest Solar Thermal Panel ever

hot electron effects

Comparison of Three Region Multiple Gate Nanoscale Structures for Reduced Short Channel Effects and High Device Reliability

hot electrons

Squeezed Electrons in GaN Quantum Wells

Analytic Formulae for the Impact Ionization Rate for use in Compact Models of Ultra-Short Semiconductor Devices

Nano-mapping Material Interfaces via Hot Electrons

hot embossing

Replication of micro/nano combined structure using micro/nano combined aluminum stamp

hot gas filtration

Development of Functionally Graded SiC-Based

hot melt ink

Customer-focused batch production via printing technology

hot spot cooling

Hot spots active-cooling micro-channel heat sink device, using electro-osmotic flow

hot water storage

Utilization the heat accumulator in large heating system

hot-carrier degradation

Optimization of FIBMOSs through 2-D Device Simulations

hot-carrier effects

Modelling of the "Gated-Diode" Configuration in Bulk MOSFET's

household power

Design and Fabrication of Hydroelectric Fuel Cell System for Household Power Application


Efficient Numerical Methods for the Simulation of Flow Reactors


Experimental analysis of the MEMS Capacitive accelerometer’s shock resistibility