Index of Keywords


Halo Doping: Physical Effects and Compact Modeling

halo implant

Analysis of Halo Implanted MOSFETs.


Quantum Gates Simulator Based on DSP TI6711

Hamiltonian model reduction

Electronic Properties of Gaphitic Surfaces with Adsorbed Aromatic Amino Acids

Hamming codes

Design of Radiation Tolerant Readout System for an Integrated SRAM Based Neutron Detector

hard disk drive

Effects of Slider-Driven Piezo-Microactuator Placements and Profiles on HGA Sway Mode

Modeling and Simulation of a Single Crystal Silicon Microactuator for Hard Disk Drives

hard disk drive read head

First-principles Modeling of Magnetic Memory Components — Preliminary Results on the Effects of Interface Oxides

hard disk drives

Thermal Stability Evaluation of MEMS Microactuator for Hard Disk Drive

hard mask

3D Nanostructured Silicon Relying on Hard Mask Engineering for High Temperature Annealing (HME-HTA) Processes for Electronic Devices

hard matals

Development of New High Performance Nanocrystalline Hard Metals

hard template

Introduction of Mesopority in Zeolites Using Nanoparticles Used as Hard Templates


The IAradSim – IA32 Architecture under a High Radiation Environment Simulator

Research of Fault-Tolerant Computing Using COTS Elements


Silylation Hardening for Mesoporous Silica Zeolite Film

Anomalous Thermomechanical Softening-Hardening Transitions in Micro-oscillators


Elasto-plastic Properties of Electroplated and Polycrystalline Nickel using Numerical Modelling of the Nanoindentation Test Coupled with an Inverse Method

Nanomechanical Properties of Silica Coated Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes – Poly(methyl methacrylate) Composites

Microwave Irradiation an Alternative Source for Conventional Annealing: A Study of Aluminum Oxide Thin Films by Sol-Gel Process

Carbon nanostructures grown with electron and ion beam methods