Index of Keywords

high density multifunctional integration

Wafer-Level High Density Multifunctional Integration (HDMI) for Low-Cost Micro/Nano/Electro-Opto/Bio Heterogeneous Systems

high density via

Silex offers sub 50 um pitch for through wafer connections in up to 600 um thick substrates

high efficiencies

The role of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide in efficiency of organic-quantum dot hybrid solar cell

high efficiency

Parallel Integrated Solar Cell Circuits for Split Solar Spectrum Light Source

Fuel Cells – Commercial Innovation Built on High Electrical Efficiency

Three-dimensional panel configurations to reduce wind load and increase passive convection cooling of photovoltaic surface on solar tracking systems

high electron-mobility transistor (HEMT)

Compact Model Characteristics for Generic MIS-HEMTs

high energy

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries For Wireless Smart Designs

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries For Wireless Smart Designs

high fidelity simulation

High-fidelity MEMS Switch Model

high flatness

Load-Deflection of a Low-Stress SiN-Membrane/Si-Frame Composite Diaphragm

high focus capability

Low Turn-On Voltage and High Focus Capability Nanogaps for Field Emission Displays

high frequency

High Frequency Characteristics of Nanoscale Silicon Nanowire FET

High-Frequency Characteristic Optimization of Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors

Design study of CNT transistors layouts for high frequency analog circuits

A Charge Based Non-Quasi-Static Transient Model for SOI MOSFETs

high frequency effect

Modeling and Characterization of High Frequency Effects in ULSI Interconnects

high frequency measurements

Limitations of DNA High-frequency Anchoring and Stretching

high G

Numerical Modeling of Microdrop Motion on Digital Microfluidic Multiplexer

high gradient magnetic separation

Analytical Model for Magnetic Particle Transport in a Magnetically Biased Microfluidic System