Index of Keywords

heat transfer

Heat Transfer Cost-Effectiveness of Nanofluids

Computational Heat Transfer and Two-phase Flow in Miniature Tubes

Effect of Surface Hydration and Interfusion of Suspended Silica Nanoparticles on Heat Transfer

Comparison of Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamic Performance of Nanofluids

Investigations on the convective heat transfer in Ag – and Cu – ethylene glycol nanofluids

Properties of a Newly Developed Carbon-Aluminum Nanocomposite

Heat transfer behaviour of Nanofluids

Engineered Nanofluids for Heat Transfer and Novel Applications

Nanocarbon Nanofluids: Comparisons Between Morphology and Nanostructure

Ionic Liquids as Heat Transfer Medium

Theoretical modelling of nanofluids for heat transfer

heat transfer augmentation

Modeling Thermophoresis (Soret Effect) in Nanofluids

heat transfer coefficient

Study on the Heat Transfer Capability of Silicon Carbide - Ethylene Glycol Nanofluid

Percolation theory at work – boosting the heat transfer performance of graphitic nanofluids

heat transfer enhancement

Simulation of Heat-Transfer Enhancement Effects in Microreactors

heat transport

Impact of Heat Source Localization on Conduction Cooling of Silicon-on-Insulator Devices

Direct nanoscale imaging of ballistic and diffusive thermal transport in graphene nanostructures

heat treatment

Field Emission of Nanostructured AlQ3 Amorphous Film and the Heat Treatment Effect


Computer Simulation of Phase Transitions and Orientational Order in Low-and High-molecular Ferroelectric Nano-Systems


Nanosecond Range Heating and Temperature Measurement on Thin Layers Experiment and Simulation