Index of Keywords


Large Scale Energy Storage with Thermal Matrix Energy Storage

grid adaptation

A Novel Grid Adaptation Procedure for Stationary 2D Device Simulation

grid selection strategy

An Efficient Iterative Grid Selection Strategy for Time-Mapped Harmonic Balance Method

grid-connected PV inverters

Maximum Power Point Tracker Controlling PV Converter. Research and Development Study

grid-tie solar systems

Overview of four energy storage techniques


Effectively Grinding and Dispersing Nanoparticles Using a Fine Bead Mill

Grinding and Dispersion Equipment For Nano Scale Applications


Design and Fabrication of a Metallic MEMS Gripper Using Electro-Thermal V-Shape and Modified U-Shape Actuators


Characteristics of Grooving by Diamond Needle-Tip with Various Tip Shapes and Grooving Parameters

ground bounce

Modeling and Characterization of High Frequency Effects in ULSI Interconnects

ground source

Performance and Potential Applications of Direct Expansion Ground Source Heat Pump systems for Building Energy


The Development of a Portable Arsenic Detector Based on Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Rapid on-Site Testing of Groundwater

group IV materials

Mid-infrared Silicon Microphotonic Cavities with High Resonance of Q~10^5

group theory

Managing the Distribution of Recursively Calculating Matrix Elements

The Distributive Calculation of Unitary Group Recoupling Coefficients


Silicon Nanowire Transistors Fabricated by the Mass-Manufacturable, Self-Assembling “Grow-in-Place” Approach


Exploring the Universe of Organic Molecules for Potent New Drugs


Growth Kinetics of Gold Nanoparticles

Coating Growth on Nanofibers: Multi-Scale Modeling, Simulations and Experiments

In-situ Study of SAMs Growth Process by Cross Analysis of AFM Height and Lateral Deflection