Index of Keywords


Preparation Routes to Aqueous Graphene Dispersions and Their Influence on Electrical Conductivity of Polymer Composites

Mapping nanomechanical phenomena of graphene nanostructures using force modulation and ultrasonic force microscopy

Electrical conductivity of carbon nanopowder fillers and their respective polymer composites prepared via latex technology

Near-Infrared Light Induced Mechanical Responses in Single-to-Few Layer Graphene

Photomechanical Response in Graphene Nanoplatelet Composites

Manufacturing Tough Amorphous Thermoplastic-Graphene Nanocomposites

On the Possibility of Ultra-Low Power Switching in Multilayer Graphene Nanostructures

Inherently Radiation Hardened Electronics: A Examination of III-V Nanowire Transistors and Spin-Based Logic Devices

Mechanical fabrication of graphene devices using focused-ion beam: deposition and milling

Computer Simulations and Experimental Study of Graphane-Like Materials Produced by Electrolytic Hydrogenation

Facile Preparation of Graphene Composite Materials and Their Application

Gold Nanoparticles Encapsulated within Graphene Shells

Storage capacity in Graphene and blends of Graphene EDLC

Fabrication and Characterization of 3-D Graphene-CNT Architectures Towards Supercapacitor Applications

Graphene/PDMS composites for optical heating on microfluidic chips

The Effect of Thermal Annealing Processes on Graphene

Fabrication and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube/Graphene Hybrid Foam

Ultrasonically-Assisted Preparation and Functionalization of Graphene

Rapid Deposition of Graphene Layers in MxRAM Devices

Photoconductivity of Reduced Graphene Films