Index of Keywords


Preparation and Characterization of Nanocrystalline GaP for Advanced Light Emissive Device Structures

gap geometry

Limitations of DNA High-frequency Anchoring and Stretching

gap height

Mechanical characterization of electrostatic MEMS switches

gap junctions

Stochastic Simulations of Cell-Cell Signalling in Hepatocytes

GaP nanoparticles

Synthesis, Characterization and Sampling of GaP Nanoparticles for Light Emissive Devices

gap-tooth method

Multi-Scale Modeling of Processing of Carbon Nanotubes

GaP/PGMA polymer nanocomposite

Fabrication and Characterization of the GaP/PGMA Polymer Nanocomposite for Advanced Light Emissive Device Structures


Batch Fabrication of Nanostructured Heterogeneous Microarrays for Chemical Sensing

Gaseous Flows and Heat Transfer through Micro- and Nano-channels

Monte Carlo simulations of 1keV to 100keV electron trajectories from vacuum through solids into air and resulting current density and energy profiles

Detecting CH4 and CO Gases Using Micro-Structural Doping Compound Oxide Films on Si-Substrates

Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel Ferrite (NiFe2O4) nanoparticles with Silver Addition for H2S gas detectors

Rapid Hydrate Formation, A Process for Transport and Storage of Natural Gas

gas absorption

Enhancement of Oxygen Transfer in Fermentation by Use of Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles

gas barrier

Layered Oxide Polymer Nanocomposites: Synthesis, Characterization, and Strategies for Achieving Enhanced Barrier Property

gas chromatography

Theoretical Approximations for the Average Linear Flow of Carrier Gas Through a Rectangular GC Column

Generation of Transportation Fuel from Solid Municipal Waste Plastics

Thermal-managed sputtered micro machined gas chromatography columns for oilfield applications

gas damping

Compact Damping Models for Lateral Structures Including Gas Rarefaction Effects

Compact Model for the Squeezed-Film Damping Including the Open Border Effects