Index of Keywords


Hydrogel-based multi-stimuli responsive cilia

gemini surfactant

Nano-Sized Polymer Micelle Synthesized from Cationic Gemini Surfmer

Dicationic gemini surfactant gene delivery complexes contain cubic-lamellar mixed polymorphic phase


Development of an Advanced Simulation System for the Analysis of Particle Dynamics in LASER based Protein Ion Sources

Ion Sources for Biomolecules with Controlled Superposition of Electric and Pneumatic Fields


Nano-structured Chitosan Self-Aggregates as a Drug Delivery Carrier

gene cloning

Applied Systems and Synthetic Biology in Micro-Fluidic Biochips

gene delivery

Freeze-fracture Electron Microscopy on Nanostructures for Drug & Gene Delivery

Enhanced Gene Delivery Efficiency in Resonant Acoustic Fields

Structural Characterization of Novel Micro- And Nano-Scale Non-Viral DNA Delivery Systems for Cutaneous Gene Therapy

Ca-Mg Phosphate Nano-Crystals for High Efficiency Gene Delivery and Expression in Mammalian Cells

Understanding the Cytoplasmic Transport of Synthetic Gene Vectors

Condensation of Therapeutic Oligodeoxynucleotides and Plasmid DNA with PPI Dendrimers and PPI-Modified Gold Nanoparticles

Polymer-based gene delivery system fabricated with the participation of a polyanion

Organisation of peptide ligands on the surface of gene vectors

Gene delivery

Gene Delivery and Transfection Studies with Lipopolyplexes in Human Endothelial and Smooth Muscle Cells

gene delivery

Non-Condensing Calcium Alginate Microspheres for Macrophage-Selective Gene Delivery and Transfection

Modeling Magnetic Transport of Nanoparticles with Application to Magnetofection

Molecular dynamic simulations of bio-nanocomplexes involfing LDH nanoparticles and short-strand DNA/RNA

Layer-by-Layer Deposition of Cationic Polymers on Gold Nanoparticle for Non-viral Gene Delivery System