Index of Keywords

gas sensing

Gas Sensing Properties of Zn-Doped Anisometric Fe2O3 Nanoparticles

gas sensor

Electro-Thermal Modeling: Design Tool for the Conception of a Low Power SnO2 Gas Sensor

Flame Made Nanoparticles for Gas Sensors

Low Temperature Volatile-Organic-Compound (VOC) Sensor Based on Tungsten Oxide Nanorods

Micro Patterning Sensor Layers by Flame Deposition and Annealing

Polypyrrole-Organoclay Nanocomposites for Gas Sensors

Spray Pyrolysis Technology for Nanodimensional Film Gas Sensors Manufacturing

Micromechanical GaAs Thermal Convertor for Gas Sensors

Novel Nanostructures for Solid State Alcohol Breath Analyzers

Innovative Gas Sensors for Sub-ppm Detection of Organophosphorus Nerve Agents by Chemically Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors

Carbon nanotubes transistors based Selective Gas sensors : from laboratory to mass production

Portable gas sensor for breath analysis

Irradiation effect on ethanol sensing response of zinc and tin composite oxide

Nanostructured Stearic Acid for Gas sensing applications

Au nanoelectrodes for breath analysis

Gas sensor device based on a SnO2 nanowire network for increased sensing performances

A sensing properties study on miniature Au/SnO2 gas sensor for hydrogen sulfide detection

ZnO nanorods decorated with Au nanoparticles applied as gas sensors

Local Synthesis of CuO Nanowires on CMOS Microhotplates for Gas Sensing Applications

Nanocrystalline gold-based hydrogen sulfide (H2S) sensor from M13 bacteriophage template