Index of Keywords

flatband voltage

Instability in flatband votlage of SiO2 embedded with silicon nanocrystals


Ageing of elastomeric composites with natural antioxidants

fleet management

Distributed Energy Storage Network Control


Modification of rubber surface with hydrogenated diamond-like carbon thin films


A Novel Process for Flexible Nano Electronic Web Production

Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes based Three Dimensional Flexible Electronics

Alcohol vapor sensors using multiple spray-coated SWCNTs

Controlled Assembly of Highly Density SWNT Networks on a Flexible Parylene-C Substrate

Highly Organized Two and Three Dimensional Singlewalled Carbon Nanotubes-Polymer Hybrid Architectures

Tunneling Negative Differential Resistance in Flexible Silicone Graphite Composites

Flexible Graphene Transistors via Printing Transfer

Highly Flexible Transparent Thin Film Heaters based on Metallic Nanowires

3-Dimensional Carbon Nanotube-Graphene Structure for Flexible Li-ion Battery

flexible and stretchable elctroncs carbon nanotube composite printable inks

Extremely Flexible and Stretchable Carbon Nanotube Composites for Conformal Electronic Devices

flexible and turntable MEA

Flexible and Turnable Biomimetic Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex (PDC) Supercapacitors

flexible devices

Direct growth of carbon nanotubes on a plastic substrate

flexible display

Design and Fabrication of Flexible OTFT Array by using Nanocontact Printing

flexible dye-sensitized solar cell

Transfer of asymmetric free-standing TiO2 nanowire films for high efficiency flexible dye-sensitized solar cells

flexible electronics

The Center for Accelerated Applications at the Nanoscale

Effects of the Building Block on the Morphology and Properties of Porous CdSe Nanostructured Framework