Index of Keywords

fast multipole method

Parallelization of BEM Electrostatic Solver Using a PC Cluster

Fast Solvers

Fast Algorithms For 3-D Simulation

fast tool servo

Machining Using Fast Tool Servo Combined with Ultrasonic Vibrator

fast-drying ink

3D Printing of Double Ka Band Helical Antenna


A Wide Frequency Range Surface Integral Formulation for 3-D Inductance and Resistance Extraction


Methods for the Prediction of Nanoparticle Fate, Transport and Receptor Exposure in an Aqueous Environment

fate and transport

Multimedia Environmental Distribution of Nanomaterials

fathead minnow

Size Matters: The outer diameter of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) affects gene expression in female fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas)


Characterization of Microscale Material Behavior with MEMS Resonators

fatigue life

Predicting the Positive Effects of Combined Metallurgical and Thermo-Mechanical Impacts on the Reliability of Solder Joint Interconnections

fatty acids

Separation of mixtures of fatty acids into individual components using a nanoporous membrane

fault detection

An Algorithmic Approach to the Optimal Extraction of Signals from Intelligent Sensors

fault diagnosis

Fault Model Generation for MEMS

Application of Multi-frequency Test and Neural Network to Fault Diagnosis in Analog Circuits

fault modeling

Fault Model Generation for MEMS

fault tolerance

Electronic Nanotechnology Based on Non-Binary Principles

Fault Tolerant Quantum Computation with new Reversible Gate

Self-Healing Wire-Streaming Processors on 2-D Semiconductor Nanowire Fabrics

fault tolerant system

The IAradSim – IA32 Architecture under a High Radiation Environment Simulator

Research of Fault-Tolerant Computing Using COTS Elements