Index of Keywords

field emission

Field Emission Properties of Carbon Nanotube Arrays with Defects and Impurities

Synthesis of Self-aligned Tungsten Nanowires on Single Crystalline Tungsten Substrates

High Resolution Surface Imaging Using a Carbon Nanotube Array with Pointed Height Distribution

Application of direct growth ZnO nanaotetrapods in field emission device

Enhanced Field Emission properties of Titanium decorated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

Micro Crumples for Self-Assembly of Field Emission Devices

A field-emission X-ray source using an anisotropically focused electron beam

Carbon nanotubes based photocathodes for multisource X-Ray generators

field emission display

Low Turn-On Voltage and High Focus Capability Nanogaps for Field Emission Displays

field emission property

Effects of Electric Field on the Growth of One-dimensional Carbon Materials in the Chemical Vapor Deposition Process

field emitter

First disclosure of a viable semi-commercial single CNT-based FE device

field emitter array

Gated Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Enhancement and Regeneration by Hydrogen

field enhancement factor

Field Enhancement and Work Function Difference of IrO2 Nano-Emitter Arrays using EFM and SKPM Spectroscopy

field flow fractionation

The influence of technique on the measured particle size distribution of complex nanoparticle systems

Characterization of Core-Shell nanoparticles using Field-Flow Fractionation and Single-Particle ICP-MS

Nanomaterial Characterisation Challenges

field limiting ring

Simulations of a New CMOS Compatible Method to Enhance the Breakdown Voltage of Highly-Doped Shallow PN Junctions

field oxide

Simulation of Narrow-Width Effects in Sub-Half-Micron n-MOSFETs with LOCOS Isolation

field plate

Using ‘Adaptive Resurf’ Technique and Field Plate Working to Improve the Safe Operating Area of n-type Drain Extended MOS Transistors

Simulation of Field-Plate Effects on Lag and Current Collapse in GaN-based FETs