Index of Keywords

ferromagnetic fluid (FMF)

Viscosity Behavior of Magnetic Nanoparticle Filled Fluids and Impact Resistance of Their Fabric Composites

ferromagnetic nano-particle

Inductive Nano Targeted Electromagnetic Therapy

ferromagnetic resonance

Tunable Wideband Microwave Band-Stop and Band-Pass Filters Using YIG/GGG-GaAs Layer Structures

Ferromagnetic Resonance in amine/organic acid caped Au-nanoparticles assisted by rare-earths oxides

Enhancement of Ferromagnetism in Amine/Organic Acid Capped Au-Nanoparticles by Yttrium-Oxide Inclusion


Low-Temperature Synthesis and Characterization of Fe-Doped ZnO Nanocrystals

Influence of nano size on various properties of Sn1-xCoxO2 nanocrystalline Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors

Theoretical Investigation CrO2 as a Spin-Polarized Material

Fabrication and characterization of nano-structured ferromagnetic Ti1-xFexO2 thin films

Influence of oxygen vacancies on electronic and magnetic


Liquid crystals doped by magnetic nanoparticles


Synthesis and characterization of magnetic manganese ferrites using a simple combustion method and its application in removal of organics


Superhydrophobic ZnO nanotowers

Nano-Composite Barrier Anodic Aluminum Oxide for ICD Capacitors

Effect of C Content and Calcination Temperatures on the Characteristics of C-doped TiO2 Photocatalyst


Development of an FET Pressure Sensor Model and used to Predict Sensor Behaviour as a Function of Electrode Geometry

A Scheme for Electrical Detection of Single Electron Spin Resonance

Improved Compact Model for Four-Terminal DG MOSFETs

A Schrödinger-Poisson Solver for Modeling Carbon Nanotube FETs

Compact Model for Ultra-Short Channel Four-Terminal DG MOSFETs for Exploring Circuit Characteristics