Index of Keywords


Modeling and Validation of Flow-Structure Interactions in Passive Micro Valves

Finite Element Approach for Reactive Microfluidic Devices

Coupled Package-Device Modeling for MEMS

Electromechanical Analysis of Micromechanical SOI-Fabricated RF Resonators

Finite-Element Modeling of 3C-SiC Membranes

Topics in Finite-Element Modeling of Piezoelectric MEMS Devices

Influence of Element Size on the Precision and Required Computational Effort for 3D FEM Interconnect Capacitance Simulations of ULSI DRAM Cells

Hierarchical Simulation for Microelectrofluidic System Performance Analysis

Numerical Simulations to Predict the Functionality of Optical Devices

Effects of Slider-Driven Piezo-Microactuator Placements and Profiles on HGA Sway Mode

Analytical and FEM Simulation Pull-in Study on Deformable Electrostatic Micro Actuators

Optimization of Thermally Actuated Bimorph Cantilevers for Maximum Deflection

Heat Transfer Macromodels for MEMS Devices with 3D Geometries

A Fully Coulpled Computational Model of the Silylation Process

Development of an Advanced Simulation System for the Analysis of Particle Dynamics in LASER based Protein Ion Sources

Modeling of the Dielectrophoretic Forces Acting upon Biological Cells: A Numerical Comparison between Finite Element/Boundary Element Maxwell Stress Tensor Methods and Dipole Point Approach

Computational Prototyping of an RF MEMS Switch using Chatoyant

FE-Simulations as a Part of a Tolerance Management System

Finite Element Modeling of Electro-Mechanical Coupling in Capacitive Micro-Systems

Investigation of Carbon Nanotube Mechanical Properties Using Atomistic-Continuum Mechanics Method