Index of Keywords


Fracture-induced polymeric grating structures

fracture allowable

Obtaining Fracture Properties by Virtual Testing and Molecular Dynamics Techniques

fracture behavior

Computer Simulation Study of Mechanical Properties of Nanoscale Materials by Molecular Dynamics and Lattice Green's Function Methods

fracture mechanics

Multivariant Measurements for Thin Film Adhesion as a Function of Temperature and Thin Film Thickness

An Analytical Model for Multi-layer and Multi-electrode Piezoelectric Ceramic Actuators

Fracture mechanical test methods for interface crack evaluation of electronic packages

Nanoscale deformation analysis for fracture mechanical evaluation of interface cracks in electronic packages.

fracture properties

Multiscale Modeling of Polycrystalline Diamond

fracture resistance

Characterization of Nanostructured Phenolic and Epoxy Composites Under Pulse Laser Degradation

fracture toughness

Nanostructured Polymeric Composites for High Performance Applications

Nanosilicate Filled Poly (vinyl chloride-co-vinyl acetate) and Epoxy Coatings for Steel Corrosion Protection


Elastic Network Model of Polymer Nanocomposites


Conformance Control through In-situ Gelation of Silica Nanoparticles


Interactions of Rocks with Supercritical CO2 and Water in Enhanced Geothermal Systems and Beyond

fracturing water

Innovative Treatment of Shale Fracturing Flowback and Produced Water for Reuse or Discharge

fragment molecular orbital

DNA and Estrogen Receptor Interaction Revealed by the Fragment Molecular Orbital Method -Implementation of SCF Convergence-


Finite Size Effects In Ferroelectric Nanosystems: Absence of mode softening


Spatial Modulation of the Dielectric Permittivity and its Effect on the Spectral Responsivity of Heterodimensional Photodetectors

free diffusion

Dynamics of intermediate to late stage concentration fluctuations during free diffusion experiments

free energy barriers

DNA Translocation Across Protein Channels: How does a polymer worm through a hole?