Index of Keywords

electrothermal diffraction grating

A MOEMS Electrothermal Grating

electrothermal flows

Electrothermal blinking vortices for chaotic mixing

electrothermal induced flow

Numerical and Analytical Studies of Electrothermally Induced Flow And Its Application For Mixing and Cleaning in Microfluidic Systems

electrothermal light modulator

A MOEMS Electrothermal Grating

electrothermal model

3-D Electrothermal Model of Multifinger, High-Power HBTs

electrothermal modeling

Simulation of Electrothermal MOS Circuits Using Saber

electrothermal technique

Parametric Study on the Effect of Radiation Heat Loss and Non-Constant Heating in the Electrothermal Technique for Thermal Property Measurement of Micro/Nanoscale Fibers


In Situ Investigation of Uptake Phenomena of Biological Molecules and Silica Nanoparticles into Mammalian Cells in Microstructures


Reconfigurable Microfluidic System Architecture Based on Two-Dimensional Electrowetting Arrays

Electrode Shapes for Electrowetting Arrays

Modeling the Fluid Dynamics of Electro-Wetting on Dielectric (EWOD)

A Computational Model for the Design of ElectroWetting On Dielectric (EWOD) Systems

Modeling microdrop motion between covered and open regions of EWOD microsystems

Shape Oscillation and Internal Mixing in Sessile Liquid Drops using ElectroWetting-On-Dielectric (EWOD)

Manipulation of Capillary force by Electrowetting for Micromanipulation

Bacterial Concentration Detection with Dielectrophoresis and Capacitive Measurement


Simulation of Droplet Based Microfluidics Devices using a Volume of Fluid (VOF) Approach


Biomolecular Adsorption Phenomena in Electrowetting-Based Digital Microfluidic Devices

Electrowetting-driven Solar Trackers for concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) rooftop applications

Fabrication of Active Digital Microfluidic Paper Chips with Inkjet-printed Patterned Electrodes and their Point-of Care Biomedical Application