Index of Keywords


Combining gene therapy and nanomedicine to enhance the therapeutic potential of T cells

Analysis of the Relationships Between the Parameters of the Electric Pulse

Fabrication of electrical microfluidic chip for electroporation of mammalian cells

electropsun fibers (aligned

Investigating electrospun nanofibrous scaffold mechanical properties


Electropulsing induced nanophase decomposition and structural characteristics of film of alloy ZA27


Electric Field Effect on the Rheology of MWCNT Dispersions in Liquid Crystalline Polymers


Electrospun Nanocomposite Nerve Guidance Conduits for Peripheral Neural Regeneration


Uniform Polycarbonate Nanofibers Produced By Electrospinning

DOE Optimization and Phase Morphology of Electrospun Nanofibers of PANI/PMMA Blends

Improvement of Polycaprolactone Nanofibers Topographies: Testing the Influence in Osteoblastic Proliferation

Patterned nanofiber meshes for biomedical applications

Production of Conducting Polymer Nanowires for Use as Intravascular Neural Recording Electrodes

Polymer Nanofibers from Multiple Jets Produced on a Porous Surface by Electrospinning

Synthesis and Self-assembling Properties of Functionalized Glycolipids

Electrospun TiO2 nanofibers for gas sensing applications

Ferritin-based Hybrid Nanofibers with Magnetic Properties

Electrospun Microfiber Tubes and Self-Assembling Peptides Stimulate Neural Regeneration in Rat Sciatic Nerve Transections

Electrospun Nanofibrous Membrane Biosensor for lactate

Characterization of new type polymer composites prepared by in situ coffining electrospun fibers into polymer matrixes

The First-aid strip of copolymer, produced by electrospinning