Index of Keywords

electroosmostic flows

Simulation of ac-electroosmotic flows for concentration of particles on biosensors


Hydrodynamic Dispersion of a Neutral Non-Reacting Solute in Electroosmotic Flows

Electroosmotic Flow in a Tube or Channel for Non-Negligible Zeta Potentials

Study of Sample Dispersion Mechanisms in an Electroosmotically Pumped Microchannel

electroosmotic flow

Transient Analysis of Electroosmotic Flow in Nano-diameter Channels

Transient Analysis of Electroosmotic Flow in Nano-diameter Channels

Numerical Simulation of Electroosmotic Flow in Micro Channels with Analytical Integration of Surface Potential

A Computational Model for Simulation of Electroosmotic Flow in Microsystem

Electrokinetic Instability Mechanism of Double-layered Miscible Fluids with Different Electrolyte Concentrations in DC Electric Field

SOI Processing of a Ring Electrokinetic Chaotic Micromixer

Taylor Dispersion in Electroosmotic Flows with Random Zeta Potentials

Scaling of Electroosmotic Flow and Ionic Conductivity in Nanochannels

Enhancement of micro-flow mixing using DC nonlinear electrokinetic vortices

Static and Dynamic Properties of the Electrical Double Layer Near Amorphous Silica: Relevance for Device Design

electroosmotic micromixer

Numerical Study on the Mixing Performance of Ring-Type Electroosmotic Micromixer with Configurations of Obstacle in the Mixing Chamber


Determination of the Electroporation Threshold for pulses from 95 ns to 20 us


Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields Trigger Intracellular Signals in Human Lymphocytes

Microscope Slide Electrode Chamber for Nanosecond, Megavolt-Per-Meter Biological Investigations


Stochastic Analysis of Particle-Pair Transport in Brownian Ratchet Device

Interaction of Coupled Particles Based on Lennard-Jones and Spring Forces in Brownian Ratchet Devices