Index of Keywords


Electrokinetic Instabilities and Sample Stacking

Simulation of Electrokinetic Flow and Analyte Transport in Nano Channels

Autonomous Nanoscale Motion Through Catalysis

Electrokinetic Flows in Highly Charged Micro/Nanochannel with Newtonian Boundary Slip Condition

Electrothermal blinking vortices for chaotic mixing

Secondary Microflows in Electrokinetic Transport with Hydrodynamic Slippage Effect

electroless palting

Multiple surfaces pretreatments of nanoporous SiO2-based dielectric layers for electroless plating of copper

electroless plating

Thickness-controlled Metal Nanoscale Etch for Proposed Metal Nanowires Fabrication

A Novel Electrical Contacting Technology to Graphene


Cold Cathode Fluorescence Light with Amorphous Diamond Coated Electrodes

Optical absorption and luminescence study of ZnS quantum dots

Fabrication of QD structures showing diode characteristics for electroluminescence (EL) and other applications

Yellow electroluminescence from sputtering synthesized aluminum nitride nanocomposite thin film containing aluminum nanocrystals

Realization of Silicon Nano-structured layers on Glass substrates suitable for light emitting diodes


An Electrolytic Reaction to Resist Saturation on Conductive Superhydrophobic Nanocomposites


Numerical Simulation of Superconformal Electrodeposition Using the Level Set Method

Numerical Simulation of Superconformal Electrodeposition Using the Level Set Method

Equilibrium Structure of Electrolyte calculated using Equilibrium Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics, and Boltzmann Transport Monte Carlo Simulations

Valving in Microchannels via Electrodeposition on Solid Electrolytes

Application of Mass Transport in Solid Electrolyte Films in Tunable Microelectromechanical Resonators