Index of Keywords

electro-thermo-mechanical modeling

An Online Tool for Simulating Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Flexures Using Distributed and Lumped Analyses

electro-thermo-mechanical simulations

Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Simulations of Aluminum Bond Wires in IGBT-Packages


Fabrication and characterization of liquid metal-based micro-electromechanical DC-contact switch for RF applications

electroactive polymer

Modeling of an Electroactive Polyimide Ultrasonic Wave Sensor for Aerospace Applications

Electrically-Controlled Drug Release System to Assist Wound Healing


Integration of Flow Batteries into Electric Vehicles: Feasibility and the Future


Electrode Shapes for Electrowetting Arrays


Fabrication of Nanoporous Metals by Dealloying of Ternary Alloys: Evaluation of their Electrocatalytic Properties


Carbon Supported Pt Nanomaterials for Fuel Cell Applications Using Combustion Chemical Vapor Condensation

Supported Mixed Metal Nanoparticles and PFA-Nafion Nanocomposite Membrane for Low Temperature Fuel Cells

Pt-Ru nanoparticles Supported on MWCNT as PEM fuel cell Electrocatalysts

Tailoring Pt-Alloy Cluster Nanoparticles for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity

Synthesis of Carbon Supported Nano-Structured Ptni Electro-Catalysts for Fuel Cell


Nanoscale Bio-Molecular Control Using EC-OWLS

High-Resolution Electrochemical In Situ Printing

Micro-Patterning of Ionic Reservoirs within a Double Bilayer Lipid Membrane to Fabricate a 2D Array of Ion-Channel Switch Based Electrochemical Biosensors

Novel Method for the Electrochemical Synthesis of Nickel-Rich Oxide Nanowires

A Markedly Cntrollable Adhesion of Superhydrophobic Sponge-like Nanostructure TiO2 Films

Electrochemical Characteristics of Nanotube Formed Ti-Zr Alloy

Ultra-sensitive Electrochemical Detection of E. coli Using Nano-porous Alumina Membrane