Index of Keywords

exposure limits

Managing Your Environmental, Health & Safety Risk: A Guide for Nano Companies and their Insurers


Synthesis and characterization of methoxy poly(ethylene glycol)-O-chitosan-polyethylenimine as a noviral carrier for gene delivery and expression

extended defects

Linking of Atomistic Modeling to Macroscopic Behavior for Front End Processes

extended Ebers-Moll model

Modelling Multilayer Semiconductor Structures

extended Kalman filter

Empirical analysis of metrological data fusion for dose control on nano scale lithography

extended metal surfaces

Differentiating electro-catalytic reaction of hydride with respect to a non-Pt catalyst morphology based on first-principles: extended surfaces versus nanoparticles


Effects of the Shape of Nanoparticles on the Crystallization Behavior of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Nanocomposites in the Flow Fields

extensional flow

Red Blood Cell Deformation in Flows through a PDMS Hyperbolic Microchannel


An EM Transistor Based Brain-Processor Interface

external cavity laser

Virtual pivot point MEMS rotary comb actuator with externally mounted mirror for optical applications

external electric field

Electric Filed Modulation on the Geometric and Electronic Structures of Diblock Molecule

extinction coefficient

Efficiency of a Flat-plate Solar Collector with Water-based MWCNT Nanofluids

extinction limits

Properties of nonpremixed ammonia-substituted hydrogen-air flames


Toward in vivo Targeting Delivery of siRNA for Efficient Cancer Therapy

extracellular matrix

From Micro- to Nano- Patterning: Manipulating the Extracellular Matrix and Directing Cell Organization, Migration & Adhesion

extracellular matrix mimics

Biomimetic Polyurethanes for Regenerative Medicine

extracellular polymeric substances

New Guidelines for Selecting Best Extraction Methods of EPS Using Atomic Force Microscopy

extracellular space

Numerical Modeling of Diffusion in Extracellular Space of Biological Cell Clusters and Tumors

extracorporeal shockwave therapy

Nanoscale structure and property changes in collagen fibrils on the extracorporeal shockwave therapy applications of the rat Achilles tendon injury


Challenges in CMOS-MEMS Extraction