Index of Keywords

expert system

SPDC: An Automatic Generator of Input Data for Process Simulators from Process Flow Data for Manufacturing

explicit compact model

Explicit Short Channel Compact Model of Independent Double Gate Mosfet

explicit solution

An Approximate Explicit Solution to General Diode Equation

explicit surface potential

Unified Regional Surface Potential for Modeling Common-Gate Symmetric/Asymmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs with Any Body Doping


Electronic Structure Modifications Induced by Nanosize Lattice Imperfections in Molecular Crystals

explosive impact

An explosive impact technique to nanocrystallize and harden surface of metal materials


Why not only electrostatic discharge but even a minimum charge on the surface of highly sensitive explosives can catalyze their gradual exothermic decomposition and how a cloud of unipolar charged explosive particles turns into ball lightning

exponential function

High Accuracy Exponential Function Generator for Analog Signal Processing


Health Risk Assessment of Products Containing Nano-engineered Materials

Methods for the Prediction of Nanoparticle Fate, Transport and Receptor Exposure in an Aqueous Environment

Exposure to nanoparticles collected in the Los Angeles basin in California leads to the up regulation to brain associated genes

Exposure modeling of engineered nanoparticle

A Nanotechnology Policy Framework for California

Lessons learned from the field, how to protect yourself from occupational exposure to engineered nanomaterials

Analytical Strategies for a systematic Characterization of Nanoparticle Release from commercial Spray Products for Exposure Quantification and Risk Assessment

Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems for the Safe Commercialization of Nano-enabled Products

Advancements in Microelectronics-Grade Carbon Nanotube Materials for NRAM® Device Manufacture and Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Mass in End User Devices

exposure assessment

Nanocellulose - Evaluation of the full spectrum of workplace health and safety

exposure characterization

Monitoring Strategy for Characterization of Airborne Nanoparticles

Nanocellulose - Evaluation of the full spectrum of workplace health and safety