Index of Keywords


Mesoporous TiO2 hollow spheres on a DSSC photoanode

Chemical structure of ZnO nanorod array on a DSSC photoanode

High-temperature Desulfurization with Nanosize ZnO

Design of In-situ Electrochemical Cells for XAS Experiments

Preparation of size-controllable (Cu-ZnO)@C core- and yolk-shell nanoparticles

Decomposition of Methanol Catalyzed by Cu-ZnO@C

Rechargeable Nanofluid Electrodes for High Energy Density Flow Battery


Fabrication and characterization of nano-structured ferromagnetic Ti1-xFexO2 thin films

excess chemical potential

Ion Channel Simulations by the TR-PNP Model and the Excess Chemical Potential Approach

excess noise

RF-noise modeling in MOSFETs: excess noise, symmetry, and causality


Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics Toolkit for Drug-receptor Docking

exchange bias

Exchange Bias Formation Mechanism in (110)Al2O3/Py/Mn/Ta Nanostructures

exchange spring coupling

Tailoring FePt-Fe3O4 exchange spring coupling magnet in silica


Reversible and irreversible temperature-induced changes in exchange-biased planar Hall effect bridge (PHEB) magnetic field sensors.


Control of Micro-Fluidic Flow using 3D Features

excimer irradiation

Effective Removal Module by Excimer Irradiation Assistance

excimer laser annealed

A Unified Mobility Model for Excimer Laser Annealed Complementary Thin Film Transistors Simulation


Photoluminescence and Photoluminescence Excitation Measurements of Eu-Doped Nano-Si/SiO2 Thin Films

The Application of Parametric Excitation to a Micro-Ring Gyroscope

Measuring Resistive Characteristics of Silicon Nanowire by Applying Electrostatic Tensile Device and Broadband Test Signal