Index of Keywords

evaporation-induced self-assembly

A novel strategy for fabrication of mesoporous crystalline tin dioxide films with large pores and fully crystalline walls

evenly distributed flow

High-Throughput Screening Devices Based on Hydrophobic Microfluidics

event biasing

Variance Reduction in Monte Carlo Device Simulation by Means of Event Biasing


Passive Microrheology : Non Contact Measurement of Viscoelastic Properties of Biopolymers

evolutionary algorithm

A Simulation-Based Hybrid Optimization Technique for Low Noise Amplifier Integrated Circuit Design Automation

evolutionary algorithms

Self-Adapting Vertices for Mask-Layout Synthesis

A Framework for Mask-Layout Synthesis Implementing a Level Set Method Simulator

evolutionary methodology

Simulation-Based Evolutionary Approach to Electrical Characteristic Optimization of Silicon Solar Cells

evolutionary network

Allosteric pathway formation in globin proteins explored with network analysis models

evulutionary algorithms

Optimization of Masks for High Aspect Ration UV-Lithographic Patterning


An Analytical Model for the Prediction of Microdrop Extraction and Splitting in Digital Microfluidics Systems

A Computational Model for the Design of ElectroWetting On Dielectric (EWOD) Systems

DNA repair enzyme analysis on EWOD fluidic microprocessor

Droplet actuation on a digital microfluidic chip using a 5 volt battery

ex situ

Effect of Particle Morphology and Content on the Properties of Palladium/Polycarbonate Nanocomposites

ex vivo

Orally Delivered Polymeric nanoparticles of Lopinavir: Development and Statistical optimization, in vitro and ex vivo studies


Nanostructured photocatalytic TiO2-xNx thin films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering

Structural and magnetic characterization of 3d metal clusters embedded in fullerite matrices

Preparation of nitrogen-doped mesoporous TiO2 with a room-temperature ionic liquid

Preparation of Nanosize Copper Recycled from an Electroplating Wastewater