Index of Keywords


Effect of Cutting Parameters on The Surface Roughness of MWCNT Reinforced Epoxy Composite Using End-Milling Process

Development of Nanosilica-Thermoset Matrix Resins for Prepreg Composites

Evaluating safety and stability of CNT nanocomposites exposed to environmental conditions

Polymer Matrix Nanocomposites via Forest Derived Nanomaterials

epoxy nanocomposites

Influence of Carbon Nanoparticles on Thermogravimetric Properties of Epoxy Nanocomposites

epoxy resin

Effect of Nanoclay Content on Mechanical Behaviour of TGDDM Epoxy Nanocomposites

CNT Composites for Aerospace Applications

Thermal and Thermomechanical Properties of Epoxy Resin / Carbon Black Nanocomposites

A Study of the Effect of Al2O3 Nanoparticles on the Cure behavior of Bisphenol A Epoxy Resin

Toughening of epoxy matrix fiber reinforced composites with two different nanorubber systems for Advanced Industrial Applications

epoxy resins

Mechanical Reinforcement of Epoxy Resins using Magnetic Aligned Halloysite

epoxy toughening

Epoxy Toughening with Nano-Sized Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Micelles


How to SPION Glass Transitions

equal channel angular hydroextrusion

A new technology for making advanced materials


A Robust Algorithm for Predicting Freezeout and Exhaustion Under Equilibrium Conditions


Novel Nanostructured Coatings onto Particles by Atomic Layer Deposition, Their Method of Manufacture, and Feasibility of Scale and Economics


Microsystem Modeling - from Macromodels to Microsystem Design

equivalent circuit

Numerical and Analytical Modeling of the Piezoelectric Transformer and Experimental Verification

Modeling a Piezoelectric Actuator Using a Transformer Equivalent Circuit

Electromechanical Analysis of Micromechanical SOI-Fabricated RF Resonators