Index of Keywords

engineered water nanostructures

A novel method for bacteria inactivation using Engineered Water Nanostructures.


Clean Technology & Sustainable Design Applied to the New York State Alternative Fuel Vehicle Research Laboratory (AFVRL)

Leveraging the Nation’s Nanotechnology Research Centers: True interdisciplinary buildings foster a seamless transition from lab bench to consumer


Characteristics of Grooving by Diamond Needle-Tip with Various Tip Shapes and Grooving Parameters

enhanced bioavailability

Novel nanostructured drug delivery technology to enhance bioavailability, increase solubility and drug loading

enhanced chemical/biological protection

Omniphobic Coatings for Self Cleaning and Enhanced Chemical/Biological (CB) Agent Protective Clothing

enhanced dispersion

Water-dispersible graphene stabilized by PVA grafted graphene and its poly (vinyl alcohol) nanocomposites

enhanced flow

Mathematical modelling of nanoscale phenomena

enhanced heat transfer

Mathematical modelling of nanoscale phenomena

enhanced materials

Nanotechnology Platforms for Commercialization

enhanced nutrient removal

Enviroquip Membrane Bioreactor Systems – Novel Wastewater Treatment Process for Enhanced Nutrient Removal


Enhancement of Oxygen Transfer in Fermentation by Use of Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles

Exact field enhancement factor, electrostatic force and field emission current from a long carbon nanotube

A new route to control the enhancement of structural and anisotropy ordering in two-dimensional particle arrays

enhancing energy conversion efficiency

Replacing Crude Oil by Renewable Sugar through a Cell-free Synthetic Biology Technology


A safer formulation concept for flame-generated engineered nanomaterials


Polyethylene-oxide (PEO) linear nano-polymer directly stimulates endothelium and protects myocardium from focal ischemia-reperfusion injury via eNOS pathway in rats


Enrichment of serum phosphopeptide by nanoparticles to identify cancer biomarker

Improvement of Biogas Production from Animal Manure via Bacteria Enrichment using CASCADE Technology

entangled fibers

Determination of Elastic and Thermal Properties of Nanocomposites by Fiber Embedment in Finite Elements