Index of Keywords

direct write

Direct Write Technology as a Tool to Rapidly Prototype Patterns of Biological and Electronic Systems

Electrophotographic Direct-Write for Electronics

Photonic Curing of Silver Nanoparticle Based Inks Deposited by M3D

VDK 4000 Direct Write System: A new approach to direct write technology

direct writing

Towards nanofabrication with UV femtosecond fiber laser


Direct-Write CMOS-Based Laboratory-On-Chip

Dual Helix Dielectrophoretic Cell Separator Fabricated Using the Direct-Write Spindle Deposition Technique

3D Printing of Double Ka Band Helical Antenna

direct-write assebly

Programmable Three-Dimensional Microfluidic Fabrication by Direct-Write Assembly

direct-write e-beam system

Rule Based Validation of Processing Sequences

Rule Based Validation of Processing Sequences

direct-write microfabrication

Direct-Write Microfabrication for Enhancement of Functionality of Optical Fiber Devices

directed assembly

A unique opportunity for industrial scale fabrication of semiconductor nanowire-based devices

directed cell adhesion

Towards rational de novo design of peptides for inorganic interfaces

directed growth

Directed Growth of Carbon Nanotubes Utilizing Plasma Induced Surface Charging Voltage

directed self assembly

Room Temperature Growth of Single Intermetallic Nanostructures on Nanoprobes

directed self-assembly

Paclitaxel Conjugate Block Copolymer Nanoparticle Formation by Flash NanoPrecipitation

Directed Self Assembly: a Novel, High Speed Method of Nanocoating Ultra-thin Films and Monolayers of Particles


The Design of Temperature Matrix with Direction Sensitivity

Strong and Weak Inversion Mode of MOS in the Design of Direction Sensitivity Matrix