Index of Keywords


Microfluidic Device for Conventional and Traveling-Wave Dielectrophoresis

Electric Field Driven Motion of Flexible Polyelectrolytes – A Molecular Dynamics Study

A Continuous Particle/Cell Sorter Using Dielectrophoresis

Dielectrophoretic ratchets for linear and rotary nanomotors

Adaptive temperature estimation in 3D single-cell dielectrophoretic traps using the boundary Element Method

Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes based Three Dimensional Flexible Electronics

Gold Nanoparticle Super Assembly by Dielectrophoresis

Microfluidic electromanipulation with capacitive detection for cell diagnostic applications

Noise-Differential Based Detection of Cells on a Microelectronic Sensor/Actuator Array

Precision Placement and Integration of Individual Carbon Nanotubes in Nanodevices by Fountain-Pen controlled Dielectrophoresis

Subcellular fractionation in a fluidic microsystem

Capacitance signatures for rapid detection of the polarity of the dielectrophoretic force on single yeast cells

Lateral-Driven Continuous Dielectrophoretic Separation Technology for Blood Cells suspended in a Highly Conductive Medium

A High Throughput Multi-stage, Multi-frequency Filter and Separation Device based on Carbon Dielectrophoresis

Fluidic and Electrical Characterization of 3D Carbon Dielectrophoresis with Finite Element Analysis

Dielectrophoretic characterization and separation of metastatic variants of small cell lung cancer cells

External Field Induced Non-Uniform Growth of Micron Composite Materials in Insulating Liquid: Experimental and Simulating

Dielectrophoresis and Comsol Simulation of Cell Entrapment At Electrodes

Effect of Source, Surfactant, and Deposition Process on Electronic Properties of Nanotube Arrays

Rapid Detection of Oral Cancer: Electrophysiological Characterization by Dielectrophoresis technology