Index of Keywords

development process

Modeling and Simulation for MEMS Design, Industrial Requirements

development and evaluation of the system

Performance and Potential Applications of Direct Expansion Ground Source Heat Pump systems for Building Energy


Energy balance development in a cogeneration with biogas for H2 production by catalytic reforming.


Rational RSM Models for Device Characteristics as Functions of Process Parameters

A Physical Compact MOSFET Mobility Model Including Accurate Calculation of Saturation Surface Potential.

Standardization of Compact Device moding in High Level Description Language

Nanoelectronic Devices Constructed Using Individual Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofibers

Electroluminescence of ZnO Nanowire/p-GaN Heterojunction Light Emitting Diodes

device and circuit simulation

Partial-Element Equivalent-Circuit Model Simulation for Designing RF-Wireless Communication Products with Embedded Passive Components

A New Compact Model of Floating Gate Non-Volatile Memory Cells

device calibration

Rule Based Validation of Processing Sequences

Rule Based Validation of Processing Sequences

device compiler

Recent Advancements on ADMS Development

device correlations

Device Correlation: Modeling using Uncorrelated Parameters, Characterization Using Ratios and Differences

device integration

Translating the Integration Challenges to Molecular Device Requirements - Analysis of Scaling Constraints in Molecular Random Access Memories

device isolation

Self Aligned Gate JFETs for Smart MEMS

device model

Engineering BSIM for the Nano-Technology Era and Beyond

A Framework for Generic Physics Based Double-Gate MOSFET Modeling

Quasi-2D Compact Modeling for Double-Gate MOSFET

Quasi-2D Compact Modeling for Double-Gate MOSFET