Index of Keywords

desalting transition

Highly Stable and Oppositely Charged Hybrid Nanoparticles/Tubes. Fine Tuning of Electro-steric interactions To Fabricate Functional Surfaces

desgn optimization

Design Optimization of Microsystems


Micromachined Accelerometer Design, Modeling and Validation

Design and Modelling of Optical Microsystems - An Approach to a User-Friendly System Integration Technique

Mask-Layout Synthesis Through an Evolutionary Algorithm

Automated Mask-Layout and Process Synthesis for MEMS

Inverted Method for Simulation of Electrokinetic Transport in Microchannel Devices

Design of the Two-Movable Plates Type MEMS Voltage Tunable Capacitor

Structure Based Design of Protein Ligands: A Study of Antibody-like Scaffolds Targeted Against the Anthrax Toxin

A Simple Description of Turn-induced Transverse Field Dispersion in Micrlfluidic Channels for System-Level Design

New Micro Hydro Power Device

Resolved Particle Simulations of Microsphere/Cell-based Bioanalytic Systems

Using Topology Derived Masks to Facilitate 3D Design

Applications of Topology Optimization in the Design of Micro- and Nanofluidic Systems

A Parallel Intelligent OPC Technique for Design and Fabrication of VLSI Circuit

Nanotechnology and Design: The nanostudio project

Novel Design of Molecular Integrated Circuits and Molecular Nanoarchitectronics

Strong and Weak Inversion Mode of MOS in the Design of Direction Sensitivity Matrix

The Innitial Reverse-Bias Injecting P+-N Junction Mode in P+-N-P+- Structures with Punch-Through

The Logical Elements “And”/ “Or” are Established on the Elements with Punch-Through and Deformation Space Charge Regions