Index of Keywords

density functional theory

Investigation of Optical Properties of layered MoS2

density functional theory calculations

Density Functional Calculations as a Tool for the Characterization of Ultra Thin Organic Films: Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of RDX monolayers on glass substrates

density gradient

Direct Source to Drain Tunnelling and its Impact on the Intrinsic Parameter Fluctuations in Nanometer Scale Double Gate MOSFETs

Density Gradient Quantum Surface Potential

density gradient method

2D Analysis of Source-to-Drain Tunneling in Decananometer MOSFETs with the Density-Gradient Model

density gradient simulation

A Study of the Threshold Voltage Variations for Ultra-thin Body Double Gate SOI MOSFETs

density of states

Metal Induced Intershell Coupling and Conductance Enhancement in Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

density profile

Molecular Simulation of the Nanoscale Water Confined between an Atomic Force Microscope Tip and a Surface

density requirement

Layout Verification and Correction of CMOS-MEMS Layouts

density variation

Analysis of density variation for different temperatures in thermal nano imprinting process

density-functional TB method

Mechanical and Electronic Properties of Strained Layer Superlattices Studied by Density Functional TB and Path Probability Methods

density-functional theory

Theoretical Studies on Relative Stabilities of C70 Fullerene Dimers

density-gradient equation

A Wavelet Method for the Density-Gradient Equation


Strain Effect on the Final State Density-of-State for Hole Scattering in Silicon


Synthesis of Biocompatible Nanocomposite hydrogels as a Local Drug Delivery System

dental implant

Mechanical Properties of Nano-Structure Controlled Ti-Hf Alloy for Dental Implant

dental material

Combating Dental Caries Via Restorative Materials Containing Antibacterial and Remineralizing Nanoparticles

dental nanorobotics

Futurodontics - An Introduction

dental nanotechnology

Futurodontics - An Introduction

dental resin

Nanocomposites for Restorative Dentistry