Index of Keywords


RAFT Polymerisation for delivery of bioactives

Triple protection delivery system for retinaldehyde: Preparation, skin penetration and controlled release at the hair follicles.

delivery system

A “leukolike” multistage delivery system to overcome biological barriers

Preparation of BSA Nanoparticles by desolvation method as a delivery system for nutraceuticals

Nanosystem for targeting Treg in vivo

deluted magnetic semiconductor

New approaches of soft chemistry for preparation of nanostructured multifunctional composite coatings

delvivery systems

RAFT: A smarter way to develop multi-functional polymers


Modeling Nanosized Colloidal Particle Interactions with Brownian Dynamics Using Discrete Element Method

demand-side load energy management services

Demand-Side Response from Industrial Loads


Safety, Health, and Environmental Awareness in Nanotechnology Training


FEM Simulation for demolding process in thermal imprint lithography

Evaluation of stability for monolayer injection molding tools coating

A study of the Demolding Force in Nano Imprint Lithography For Different Surface Treatments.

demolding force

FEM Simulation for demolding process in thermal imprint lithography

Influence of resist composition on demolding force in UV nanoimprint lithography


Identification of PCR Product by double-strand DNA Denaturation using Label-free Field-effect Transistor


Molecular Dynamics Studies on Folic Acid and Fluorescein-Derivatized PAMAM Dendrimers

Modeling and Mass-Distance Scaling of a Nanometer Starburst Polymer

Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems Based on Hydrotropic Polymers, Dendrimers, and Polymer Complexes

Studies on the Subcellular Trafficking of PAMAM Dendrimer