Index of Keywords

drinking water treatment

Fate, Transport, and Toxicity of Nanomaterials in Drinking Water

drive waveform

Curvilinear Waveforms for Fluid Dispensing


Numerical Simulation of Droplet Shapes on Rough Surfaces

drop array

Introducing a Digital Micropump for Driving a Droplet in a Microfluidic Channel

drop deposition

Imbibition dynamics of nano-particulate ink-jet drops on micro-porous media

drop extraction

An Analytical Model for the Prediction of Microdrop Extraction and Splitting in Digital Microfluidics Systems

drop formation

Surface Tension Induced Instability of Viscous Liquid Jets

Free Surface Flow and Acousto-Elastic Interaction in Piezo Inkjet

Drop formation mechanisms in piezo-acoustic inkjet

Curvilinear Waveforms for Fluid Dispensing

Methods & Results from the Cambridge Inkjet Research Centre

Modeling Drop Generation at the Microscale

drop method

Resolution Enhancement in Nanoimprinting by Surface Energy Engineering

drop mixing

Discrete Mixing of Nanoliter Drops in Microchannels

drop on demand

Analysis of an Electrostatically Actuated MEMS Drop Ejector

drop oscillation

Measurement of liquid properties by the observation of micro droplet emitted by inkjet

drop size

Expanding Capabilities of a Machine Vision System for Analysis of Drops-in-flight

drop visualization

Methods & Results from the Cambridge Inkjet Research Centre


Pattern Characteristic by Electrostatic Drop-On-Demand Ink-jet Printing Using Capillary Inkjet Head System

Generation of picoliter and nanoliter drops on-demand in a microfluidic chip