Index of Keywords

DNA purification

Purification of PCR-Inhibitory Components by Cellulose Acetate Membranes

DNA release

pH-Sensitive Nano-Crystals of Carbonate Apatite Regulate Delivery and Release Kinetics of DNA for Efficient Expression in Mammalian Cells

DNA repair

DNA repair enzyme analysis on EWOD fluidic microprocessor

DNA sample preparation

Polymer microfluidic chip with embedded CNTs for DNA sample preparation

DNA self-assembly

Probabilistic Models for Damage and Self-repair in DNA Self-Assembly

DNA sensor

Investigation of the Conductance of Silicon Nanowire Biosensors Using the 2D Drift-diffusion Model

Application of QCM DNA biosensor to detect a marine derived pathogenic virus VHSV

A DNA sensor using gold-coated barcode silica nanotubes

DNA sensors

Electrochemical Detection of Single-Nucleotide Mismatches: Application of M-DNA

DNA sequence detection

Designing universal oligonucleotides for DNA/nanoparticle conjugates

DNA sequencing

Characterization of a Solid State DNA Nanopore Sequencer using Multi-Scale (Nano-to-Device) Modeling

DNA Translocation through a Nanopore

Electrochemistry in nanopore/electrode structures - from pore fabrication to DNA sequencing-by-tunneling

DNA sequential characteristics

Studies on a DNA Double Helicoidal Structure Immersed in Viscous Bio-Fluid

DNA stretching

Limitations of DNA High-frequency Anchoring and Stretching

DNA synthesis

Impact of Microdrops on Solid Surfaces for DNA-Synthesis

Computational Modeling and Simulation of Microfluidic Biochips for Parallel Biomolecular Synthesis

DNA translocation

DNA Translocation Across Protein Channels: How does a polymer worm through a hole?

A Molecular Motor that Links the Biological and Silicon Worlds

DNA translocations

Solid-state nanopores: a new tool for biomedical diagnostics