Index of Keywords


Characterization of DNA Transport through a Semipermeable Membrane with the Effect of Surfactants

Gold Nanoparticle-Assisted AFM Study of DNA Damage and Repair

Infant HIV and Nanotechnology


Nanocomposites based on Self-assembly of Collagen with DNA


nano bio computing - synthesis of a nano bio computer using DNA and nanorobots

Label-free, Fluorescenece Detection of DNA Nanoparticle Scaffolds

Atomistic Simulations of Biomolecules at the Water‐Amorphous Silica Interface: Application to Peptides and DNA Oligomers

Surfactant Effect on Intercellular Transport of DNA, Proteins, and Electrolytes

Differentiation of Complex Vapor Mixtures Using Versatile DNA-Carbon Nanotube Chemical Sensor Arrays


Mechanism and Free Energy of DNA Hybridization on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using Adaptive Biasing Force Simulations


Real-time monitoring of pathogens and nanomarkers in water by resonance laser spectroscopy techniques

DNA amplification

Coupled Multiphysics and Chemistry Simulations of PCR Microreactors with Active Control

DNA analysis

Nanopore/electrode structures for single molecule biosensing

DNA binding domain

DNA and Estrogen Receptor Interaction Revealed by the Fragment Molecular Orbital Method -Implementation of SCF Convergence-

DNA chip

DNA Extraction Chip Using Key-type Planar Electrodes

DNA computing

DNA-based Killer Automaton: The Innovative Nanomedicine

DNA concentration

Enhanced Separation Performance in Microfabricated Electrophoresis Devices by Electric Field Induced Collection and Metering of DNA

DNA condensation

Condensation of Therapeutic Oligodeoxynucleotides and Plasmid DNA with PPI Dendrimers and PPI-Modified Gold Nanoparticles

DNA controlled release pH responsive polyion complex

Synergistic Release of DNA from pH Responsive Polyion Complexes (PICs)

DNA damage

Mechanistic studies of in vitro cytotoxicity of PAMAM dendrimers in mammalian cells