Index of Keywords

distributed generation

A Smarter Grid enables Communal MicroGrids

New Technology: DG Controller for Intelligent Hybrid-Renewable Generation Dispatch to Smart-Grid

Bridging the Legacy and the Smart Grid: the Power Continuity Unit

Distributed Energy Storage Network Control

distributed intelligence

A Realistic Dream – a Top-Down Feasibility Study for MEMS Planetary Exploration

distributed knowledge network

NANOPOLIS: An Infrastructure for Communication in the Nanotech World

distributed model

The Application of RESCUER Software to Modelling of Coupled Problems in Modern Devices

distributed parasitic effects

Transient Electromagnetic Behaviour of Multiply Contacted Interconnects

distributed processing

Managing the Distribution of Recursively Calculating Matrix Elements

The Distributive Calculation of Unitary Group Recoupling Coefficients

Latency Minimization for Permutations Using Distributed Technology


Nanotechnology – Disruptive Technologies for Electric Utility Systems. Challenges and Opportunities.

Probing the Distribution of Gliadin in Dough and Baked Bread Using Conjugated Quantum Dots as a Labeling Tool

distribution function model

Non-Parabolicity and Non-Maxwellian Effects on Gate Oxide Tunneling

An Impact Ionization Model Including an Explicit Cold Carrier Population


Determination of Elastic and Thermal Properties of Nanocomposites by Fiber Embedment in Finite Elements

distriuted hydrogen stations

Plasma Torch Process for Hydrogen Production at Small Distributed Stations


Microfluidic T-Form Mixer Utilizing Pressure Disturbances

disturbance rejection

MEMS Gyroscopes with Structurally Decoupled 2-DOF Drive and Sense Mode Oscillators

disulfide cleavage

Controlled Intracellular Release of Camptothecin by Glutathione-Driven Mechanism