Index of Keywords


A Semi-Empirical Resist Dissolution Model for Sub-micron Lithographies

Dissolution of Hydrogen Bonded Polymers in Water: From Synthetic to Biopolymers

Process Development and Industrial Manufacturing of Nanotechnology-Based Pharmaceuticals

Effects of Solvents on Dissolution of Photoresist in Parylene Microchannels

Cytotoxicity and biointeractions of nanosilver in macrophages

Development of In-Vivo Screening Benchmarks for Complex Engineered Nanomaterials

dissolved contaminants

Innovative Technology for Selective Contaminant Removal

dissolved organic content

The Effect of Photolysis on the Stability and Toxicity of Silver Nanoparticles

distance sensor

Simulation of a Micro Optical Distance Sensor Realized by the LIGA Process

distance-dependent mismatch

Modeling of Mismatch and Across-Chip Variations in Compact Device Models


RF Applications of MOS Model 11


Two-Tone Distortion Modeling for SiGe HBTs Using the High-Current Model


A Computationally Efficient Method for Evaluating Distortion in DG MOSFETs

LINFET: A BSIM class FET model with smooth derivatives at Vds=0

Pressure sensor data processing for vertical velocity measurement

distortion analysis

New Powerful Method Based on Electrical Harmonic Distortion Analysis for Electromechanical Characterizations of MEMS Devices

distributed computing

Web Based Distributed Computing Environment for Nanotechnology

Distributed Energy Storage Network Control

distributed device modeling

An Interactive Website as a Tool for CAD of Power Circuits

distributed force

Mechanical Parameter Extraction of Thin-Film Coated Materials