Index of Keywords

cationic nanoparticles

Polymer-based delivery vehicle for cisplatin

cationic polystyrene nanosphere

Cationic polystyrene nanosphere induces autophagy through inhibition of Akt/mTOR and activation of AMPK signaling pathways in macrophage and epithelial cells

cationic surfactant

Structural Characterization of Novel Micro- And Nano-Scale Non-Viral DNA Delivery Systems for Cutaneous Gene Therapy

Quatsomes: vesicles formed by self-assembly of sterols and

cationic surfactants

Quatsomes: highly stable nanovesicles formed by sterols and

cattle biomass

Reburning of Cattle Biomass with Coals for Emissions Control

cause estimation

Fail Pattern Classification and Analysis System of Memory Fail Bit Maps

caustic soda

Recovery of Caustic Soda in Textile Mercerization by Combined Membrane Filtration


Role of Caveolin-1 in Carbon Nanotube-Induced Stem-Like Cells and Tumorigenesis


Diode Laser Generated Ultrasound for Human Blood Cell Lysis

cavitation deposition

Preparation of Composite of ZnS Nanoparticles and Montmorillonite by Cavitation Deposition

cavity growth

Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Diffusion and Creep Flow on Cavity Growth at the Nano-scale Level

cavity size

Recent Advances in the Characterization of Free Volume in Model Fluids and Polymers: Shape and Connectivity


Superhydrophobic ZnO nanotowers

New route for growing of ZnO seed layer using SILAR method


Self-consistent Quantum Mechanical Treatment of the Ballistic Transport in 10 nm FinFET Devices Using CBR Method


A novel on chip analysis of dissolved Hg(II) in drinking water

CCF model

Application of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Wastewater Treatment using Response Surface Methodology


Crystallization and optical properties of CCTO thin films under pressure influence


Thermal Stability of Carbon Nanotubes produced by CCVD of Ethylene by using Different Supports